Our address: Komiterna street 6, kv,1, Kyiv, Ukraine
telephone: 224-15-15
e-mail: liko@carrier.kiev.ua

Privately owned enterprise "Repid-L" started its activity on customs and broker services market in 1995. We provide following services:
  consultation about external economic activity and customs law in Ukraine
  arranging external economic transactions according to tax and customs law in Ukraine
  all the kinds of customs arrangements of freight
  arranging UkrCSM certificates, hygienic reports on all the kinds of commodities
  dealing with other governing institutions, providing the checks of all kinds that are necessary for customs freight settling: veterinary, phitocheck, ecological, radiological and others

Because of our 5 year experience working with customs institutions, responsible leader, and qualificated staff, our customs freight has always successfully passed customs arranging in due time.
Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.


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